Mangrove makes a first move into Portugal with $1.2M into Attentive, alongside Indico

Attentive, a Techstars Boulder alumnus, is closing a $1.2 million seed round co-led by Lisbon-based Indico Capital Partners and Luxembourg-based Mangrove Capital Partners. This also marks Mangrove’s first-ever investment into a Portugal-based startup. The southern-European country has surged as a European startup destination with the launch of new funds like Indico, acting as host to the giant Web Summit and offering warmer climes than chilly Northern Europe.

Attentive has an “augmented sales assistant,” which allows teams to keep up with their sales pipeline and guides managers to allocate resources better.

The new Attentive app works with Slack, so should fit relatively easily into teams that use that platform, allowing teams to update their CRMs without needing to open the Attentive app itself.

Ex-Googler Daniel Araújo, co-founder and CEO, says: “A very common problem in sales teams is that more than one-third of their time is ‘lost’ in administrative tasks… Technology should aim towards more efficient time management, which is what Attentive helps sales teams achieve.”

Stephan Morais, partner at Indico Capital Partners, commented: “Enterprise sales and data are two crucial areas in today’s software world if you want to be competitive. Attentive is the intelligent layer that merges these and they are doing it at the right time. Moreover, the team has the resilience, technical ability and global network to take the company to the next level.”

Yannick Oswald, principal at Mangrove, adds: “By automating sales data input for teams across CRMs and industries, Attentive’s AI collects millions of sales actions that go beyond mere transactional database records and can guide users towards behaviors that achieve much better sales outcomes.”