These are Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds

After a seemingly endless stream of leaks over the past few weeks, there was essentially zero doubt that Samsung was announcing — amongst a bunch of other things — a new pair of wireless earbuds called the “Galaxy Buds” today.

Here they are.

Samsung says the Galaxy Buds should be able to pull around five hours of talk time, or six hours of music listening time. As with most of the other headliner devices Samsung has launched in recent years, sound tuning is handled by AKG (the acoustics brand Samsung bought alongside Harman in 2017).

The feature they’ll probably market the hardest, though, is the companion charging case. It plays friendly with the new PowerShare feature built into the just-announced Galaxy S10 line, allowing you to charge the case wirelessly by setting it on the rear side of the phone. It looks like this:

Samsung says the case should hold around seven additional hours of charge time, and can give the Buds about 1.5 hours’ worth of juice in roughly 15 minutes.

Samsung says the Galaxy Buds should cost $129.99, and should ship starting March 8th.

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