Leaked TikTok ad deck suggests it has 17M+ MAUs in Europe

An advertising pitch deck used by fast-growing short form video sharing app TikTok has leaked, providing a snapshot of usage in its biggest markets in Europe.

The pitch deck was obtained by Digiday which says it was sent to a large (unnamed) European ad agency.

Metrics and gender breakdowns for the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy are included in the deck. The slides are dated November 2018.

Germany and France come out as the top European markets for the video sharing app, according to the deck, with 4.1M+ and 4M+ monthly active users respectively, and an average of 6.5BN and 5BN video views.

Next is the UK, with 3.7M+ users (and 5BN video views); followed by Spain with 2.7M+ users (and 3BN video views); and Italy with 2.4M+ users (and 3BN views).

Last summer Beijing’s ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, said the app had passed 500 million monthly active users worldwide.

Analyst estimates suggest it’s had around 800M total downloads in total since launch in fall 2016.

Although usage stepped up in 2017, after Bytedance shelled out to acquire rival lip-sync video app, Musical.ly — paying between $800M and $1BN to bag and merge its 60M (mostly US) users.

In the UK, France and Germany TikTok users open the app an average of 8 times per day, according to the leaked deck, vs 6 times in Italy and Spain.

While UK users clock up the most time spent in the app, with an average of 41 minutes per day; followed by France (40 minutes); Germany (39 minutes); Italy (34 minutes); and Spain (31 minutes).

Users of the app skew female across all five markets but the skew is greatest in Italy and Spain, which both have a 65:35 female to male ratio.

The smallest skew is in Germany where the female to male ratio of users is 54:46.

The pitch deck also details ad formats TikTok is selling in the region, covering four ad products and how they are measured.

The listed ad products are: Brand takeover; in-feed native video; hashtag challenge; and Snapchat-style 2D lens filters for photos — with 3D and AR lenses listed as “coming soon” (2019, per another slide).

The slides do not include prices for the ad formats but Digiday cites one media buyer who told it the company is charging $10 CPMs for fixed buys. Though it says another media exec told it agencies are being given different rates, noting the person had heard higher prices for the brand takeover ad unit for example.

We’ve reached out to TikTok for comment.