Many Xbox Ones aren’t working right now due to Xbox Live outage

If you just tried to turn on your Xbox One and were met with nothing but a black screen: you’re not alone.

A particularly bad outage in Xbox Live’s core services is causing the console to get stuck at boot. Microsoft is aware of the outage, and says they’ve “identified the cause.”

The issue seems to be impacting enough users that even Microsoft’s server status page is having a hard time staying up.

Xbox Live outages happen from time to time, but it’s quite unusual for said outages to keep the entire console from booting. In most cases, the console would just boot and then fail to access online services. This has lead many to assume that their console, itself, had somehow broken — but, at least hopefully, they’ll boot right up once Microsoft untangles this mess of an outage.

Some users who are on wired connections report that their consoles boot up after the Ethernet cable is unplugged. Others on wireless connections say turning off their routers (so the Xbox doesn’t try to connect to Live over Wi-Fi) let them boot up.

Many reports say that factory resetting does not help, so don’t trouble yourself with that.

Update: Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra blames the issue on a “deployment error” (meaning they went to push some new code, and something broke along the way), and says rebooting your console “in a few minutes” should fix it.