Announcing TC Sessions: Mobility, a one-day event on the future of mobility and transportation

Mobility is changing and the world is changing with it. Technology is upending century-old establishments, creating new lifestyles and routines. Regions across the globe are trying to replicate Silicon Valley, but all the while Silicon Valley has been replicating a different innovative American city: Detroit. Countless companies have sprung up around the Bay Area focused on the challenges around the industry. And the auto industry noticed, opening and expanding facilities on the West Coast. With its abundance of engineers and resources, Silicon Valley is uniquely suited to lead the mobility disruption.

TechCrunch is excited to announce a one-day event on July 10, 2019 in San Jose, Calif. that’s centered around the future of mobility and transportation: TC Sessions: Mobility.

TC Sessions: Mobility will present a day of programming with the best founders, investors and technologists who are hell-bent on inventing a future Henry Ford could have never imagined. These thinkers know that before autonomous vehicles are deployed, revolutionaries must forge rivers of regulation, consumer sentiment, embedded business thinking and, perhaps most importantly, solutions to profound technological challenges. And that doesn’t include forging the relationships necessary outside of the industry, in fields such as blockchain, AI, satellite navigation and mobile networks.

The auto establishment and up-and-comers alike face similar questions. What’s the best way for mobility companies to navigate regulations and government bodies? How does a company scale manufacturing from MVP to thousands a week? And, of course, every company developing autonomous vehicles needs to examine the trolley problem — the ethical conundrum around who should autonomous vehicles hit in an accident, when unavoidable.

TC Sessions: Mobility is the latest in TechCrunch’s growing series of Sessions events that feature a deep dive into a specific topic. In the past, TechCrunch has hosted similar events on robotics, the blockchain and social justice. Through intimate interviews and in-depth discussions, attendees of TC Session events hear from the top individuals and companies pushing their respective field forward.

Through the coming weeks, TechCrunch will announce the participants of TechCrunch Mobility’s fireside chats, panels and workshops.

Early-Bird Tickets are available now for $195 — that’s $100 savings before prices go up. Students can book a ticket for just $45 here.

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