Withings promises an extensive at-home health solution for $250

Withings had a weird couple of years. The company was acquired by Nokia, only to be abandoned and launch again as its own brand late last year. It was a welcome return for a solid  brand in the health space that was cut down too early.

Until now, the reborn company’s releases have largely relegated to upgrades of existing lines. The BPM Core, on the other hand, looks to be one Withings’ most ambitious product offerings to date. The product combines three key pieces of cardiovascular health monitoring: blood pressure, Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) and valvular health (a digital stethoscope).

The three-in-one device is designed to look like a standard blood pressure arm cuff, but sports a number of different health sensors, including a pair of electrodes and and a digital microphone. With the press of a button, Withings says it’s capable of detecting all of the above in around a minute and a half.

The system features a built-in battery that can be recharged via microUSB and Bluetooth/WiFi for connecting to a smartphone. A handset isn’t necessary for doing the readings, but it will aggregate all of that information.

“After completing an ECG, the app will provide an assessment of heart activity, saying whether there is a normal heart rate (known as sinus rhythm) or if suspected AFib is present,” Withings says in a release tied to the news. “Incidences of AFib grow with age, but are often asymptomatic or not persistent in the initial stages. The ability to take readings at home, over time and easily share results with cardiologists and physicians between checkups greatly increases the chances of detection. As well as ECG results, all data from the Withings BPM Core, including actual audio recordings of the heart, can be shared with a person‘s medical and caregiving team.”

Withings is currently seeking FDA approval for the system. It’s on-track for a Q2 release, priced at $250.

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