HP releases a monster $5k, 65-inch gaming display

The HP Omen X Emperium is not meant to watch reruns of The Office. Though it can. This display is one of the first in Nvidia’s family of Big Format Gaming Displays. Unlike traditional large displays, these are certified by Nvidia and are said to deliver the best gaming experience through the smoothest motion.

This doesn’t come cheap. The Omen X Emperium is $5,000 and will be available in February.

Last summer Nvidia announced its intention to work with several manufacturers to produce these displays. This is one of the first to be announced and, though it costs significantly more than similar-size displays from traditional TV makers, a good chunk of gamers will likely spend the cash to gain the advantage offered by the incredible picture.

Inside the Emperium is an Nvidia chipset with Nvidia’s G-Sync HDR technology. This technology in the display syncs with an Nvidia GPU in a computer to ensure a proper refresh rate resulting in images that are sharper, more fluid and free of stutter.

The screen its utilizes HP’s fantastic Quantium Dot technology that is among the best available for desktop monitors. It even has a DCI-P3 95%, meaning it has the ability to display a massive amount of the color spectrum. The display packs a resolve rate of 144Hz — and since this display is more monitor than TV, I’m inclined to believe the claim.

Traditionally, large displays from Samsung, LG and others, often claim their displays have a fast refresh rate of 240Hz or higher. And that’s sort of true, but only because of software enhancements that can often make the image look terrible. I’ve yet to see this display in person, but I’m confident that its claims are legit.

Nvidia’s Shield TV software pack is built-into the display, giving the owner access to nearly every streaming service and a wide-range of games through Nvidia’s streaming service.

A soundbar is included with the display because good sound is nearly as important as good images.