Listen to a Tesla make 6 farting noises on demand

One of Tesla’s big selling points is the company’s ability to wirelessly push software updates to its electric vehicles. It’s what allows these vehicles to improve over time long after they’ve been purchased by customers.

This week, one of those improvements was to deliver a few Easter eggs — as promised by CEO Elon Musk — including the ability to make a Tesla vehicle fart on demand or every time a turn signal is used.

One Easter egg, coyly referred to as Emissions Testing Mode, allows the driver to choose from six different fart noises. A seventh option will pick one randomly.

Here’s a guide to the list and a handy tweet from @microfrost_, who posted a video of what each fart sounds like. Enjoy.

  1. Not a Fart (a reference to Not a Flamethrower that Musk sold in 2018)
  2. Short Shorts Ripper (Musk simply can’t seem to stop trolling short sellers)
  3. Falcon Heavy (as in SpaceX’s big rocket that launched in 2018)
  4. Ludicrous Fart (super speed?)
  5. Neurastink (a reference to another Musk company Neuralink; we’re not sure how farts play into the company’s plans to build a brain-to-machine interface that would allow the human mind to keep up with AI.
  6. Boring (as in The Boring Company)
    * The seventh choice, called “I’m so random,” will pick one of the sounds randomly.

Improvements to the fart app might come soon. Musk tweeted Wednesday that he would add a “fart on demand” option to the mobile app too.