The White House will meet with tech execs to talk ‘transformational ideas’

Top tech executives from Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Oracle will head to the White House next Thursday to discuss “bold, transformational ideas” focused on U.S. innovation.

The meeting, framed as a “roundtable discussion” by The Wall Street Journal, is expected to cover a broad range of emerging tech topics, from 5G to AI to quantum computing, which “can help ensure U.S. leadership in industries of the future,” according to a White House email.

The meeting follows longstanding tensions between the Trump administration and many large tech firms over policy decisions, ranging from social issues like LGBTQ rights and immigration to trade tariffs.

Notably absent is Amazon, which participated in early White House meetings, but has grown increasingly at odds with the administration as Trump has specifically targeted Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos. Twitter, Facebook and Google have all also been in the president’s cross-hairs over accusations of media bias and “shadow banning.” 

Along with CEOs like Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai (who is also scheduled to testify in front of the House a day prior), Carnegie Mellon University President Farnam Jahanian and private equity firm Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman will also be in attendance.