DJI releases a modified Mavic 2 drone aimed at enterprise

DJI announced today at an event in Texas a modified version of its well-received Mavic 2 aimed squarely at business ranging from government to education. The base of the folding drone is the same as the commercial one that launched a few months back, but there are a few updates on-board aimed specifically at enterprise customers.

The most interesting of the bunch of a new modular mount for adding-on a handful of new accessories controllable through the DJI app. The group includes a dual spotlight for night flights, a speaker for transmitting information and a beacon with a flashing strobe, so the device can be spotted in emergency conditions.

The drone sports 24GB of on-board, password protected storage, and all images captured on the drone are labeled with a GPS timestamp featuring the date, time and location the shots were taken. DJI’s also added a self-heating battery to product, making it possible to fly it in temperatures as low as 14 degrees.

The enterprise version of the drone runs $2,000 — a price that includes the Mavic 2, remote, battery, the above mount accessories and a case. It’s available starting today.