Apple’s next big event is September 12

The invites have dropped, and the big show’s official. After months of speculation, Apple just let slip that its next event will be going down September 12, at the company’s shiny new headquarters in Cupertino. The invite bears the words “Gather round,” along with a large gold circle, which appears to be a reference to its big, circular new digs. Of course, the company does love throwing a hint or two in these invites, so we may also be getting some reference to a new piece of tech and/or color scheme. 

This year has been a fairly quiet one for the company on the hardware front. Apple showed off some new iPads at an event in Chicago, back in March and updated the MacBook Pro line more recently. Otherwise, however, we haven’t heard a lot out of the company, including a WWDC that was entirely devoid of new hardware.

All of that’s about to change, however. And if the rumors are to be believed, Apple’s going to make up for all of that in a big way the second week of September. At least one new iPhone is almost certainly on the schedule for the event.

The company’s done a pretty solid job keeping things under wraps this time, unlike Google and Samsung, though a few leaks have sprung up here and there. Three new iPhones are supposedly in the works, including an upgraded version of the iPhone X. A new Watch and iPad Pro have also been rumored for the big show. 

We’ll certainly be there with bells on and a few large camera lenses in tow. Rumor has it that the company will also shakes things up a bit this time out by livestreaming the show via Twitter.