CrunchMatch is open for business at Disrupt SF 2018

Holy smokes! Disrupt San Francisco 2018, which takes place September 5-7, is less than one month away. We have important news for anyone who purchased Startup Alley, Founder, Investor or Insider passes: CrunchMatch — your gateway to efficient networking — is officially open!

If you haven’t yet grabbed a pass to Disrupt SF 2018, it’s not too late to jump on the CrunchMatch train. Startup Alley, Founder and Investor passes are still available. Buy them right here.

Lest you’ve forgotten, CrunchMatch is the free business match-making service at Disrupt. Powered by Brella, this platform curates and connects early-stage startup founders and investors who share similar business interests and profiles.

The matching process is in full swing, so if you’re registered, keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for an invitation to create a CrunchMatch profile. For example, founders provide information about their early-stage startup — its tech category, funding stage, where it’s located and its current funding status. Investor profiles outline specific investment categories, the funding stage and preferred geographic locations. CrunchMatch takes all that information and works a bit of algorithmic voodoo to match compatible founders and investors based on the information they provide.

Once you receive those recommendations, the networking ball lands in your court. Send, receive, accept and decline invitations, set up appointment meetings and reserve private meeting space at the CrunchMatch meeting booth at Disrupt.

CrunchMatch also lets you act quickly in the heat of the moment. Say you see a particularly promising startup compete in Startup Battlefield. Use CrunchMatch to send an invitation and schedule a meeting in minutes. Boom! Hey, it worked for Michael Kocan, an early-stage investor at Trend Discovery.

“I get the most value from Disrupt at the intersection of CrunchMatch and Startup Battlefield. I can quickly schedule a meeting for later that day. I had over 35 meetings with startups that I pre-vetted using CrunchMatch, and I made a significant investment in one.”

He’s not the only satisfied customer. Last year at Disrupt SF 2017, CrunchMatch facilitated more than 1,300 meetings and 97 percent of participants said they’d use the service again. With more than 10,000 attendees coming to Disrupt SF 2018, we fully expect to triple the number of meetings.

Disrupt San Francisco 2018 takes place September 5-7. Be sure to fill out your profiles when you receive your invitation. Or buy your Founder or Investor passes now. You have only three days at Disrupt SF to make potentially life-changing connections. Let CrunchMatch simplify your networking — for free.