The Rock and Under Armour teamed up for some ridiculous headphones

Five years ago, you weren’t a proper celebrity unless you had your own line of branded headphones. Times change, of course, and now every famous person worth their salt has their own cryptocurrency or kombucha line. 

But Dwayne Johnson isn’t just any celebrity. He’s the freaking Rock. If he can turn a 30-year-old arcade game into a blockbuster monster movie, surely he can launch a successful pair of celebrity headphones in 2018.

The UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock Edition are as over the top as their nature and name suggest. They’ve got big bull outline on each cup — the logo has graced all of the Rock’s Under Armour collaborations — along with various oversized buttons and switches, along with screws that give them a kind of industrial aesthetic.

The headphones are on-ear, with large spongey cups — an interesting design choice given that they’re clearly designed for workouts. I submit this image of a sweaty Rock deep in thought, lifting dumbbells as Exhibit A:

I suppose it depends on what sort of working out you’re planning to do. As someone who spends most of his time at the gym on the treadmill, earbuds are generally my preferred choice. If you’re The Rock, you clearly go over-ear. 

For those who’re looking for some wireless headphones with a side of movie star endorsement, the headphones run $249.