Lyft is testing monthly subscriptions for riders

Lyft is testing a monthly subscription plan for people who tend to take a lot of rides, The Verge first reported. This is no surprise, given Lyft CEO and co-founder Logan Green said earlier this week Lyft would like to achieve in transportation what Netflix achieved in streaming media with subscriptions.

There seems to be a couple of plans Lyft is testing out. One costs $199 upfront to get 30 free rides worth up to $15 per ride. Another plan costs $399 a month for 60 rides. So, it appears as if Lyft is A/B testing to try to figure out just how much people are willing to pay.

“We’re always testing new ways to provide passengers the most affordable and flexible transportation options,” a Lyft spokesperson told TechCrunch. “For the past few months, we’ve been testing a variety of All-Access Plans for Lyft passengers.”

If you already spend $450 a month on Lyft rides, both plans would likely be worth the money. Uber has previously offered a subscription service, Uber Plus Pass that guaranteed prices on rides for an upfront fee.