Watch this Falcon Heavy reel by Westworld co-creator, including core landing miss


If you couldn’t be at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch that happened earlier this year, the next best thing might be watching this highlight reel of the launch, the voyage of Elon’s Tesla-driving Starman and the landing/landing attempt of the three Falcon Heavy booster cores.

Set to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” the nearly two-minute clip has plenty of footage of both the rocket and Tesla Roadster cargo pre-launch preparations, still images from the Cape leading up to the launch, footage from both on site and homes during the launch itself, onboard angles of the cargo deployment and much more.

Perhaps most interestingly if you’ve been avidly consuming all the other available footage and coverage of the launch up until now, it also includes two videos of angles of the near-miss of the Falcon Heavy central core booster, which attempted a landing on SpaceX’s Atlantic Ocean drone barge but came up just about a hundred meters short, impacting with the ocean’s surface off the ship’s deck at a breakneck pace.

During the launch itself, the feed from both the barge and the booster cut out, and SpaceX waited until a press conference later in the day to reveal officially that it had lost the booster after the missed attempt, which also resulted in damage to the ship’s maneuvering thrusters.

The clip above ends on a high note with the successful landings of both the other two Falcon Heavy booster cores, and that does indeed best reflect the nature of the outcome for SpaceX, since its initial Falcon Heavy test was almost entirely a win for the company.