Who’s a very good Street View camera? You are!

For its latest addition to Street View, Google has employed a trio of very good (and extremely fuzzy) boys — Ako, Asuka and Puuko. In order to capture the snowy streets of Ōdate City, Japan, the company strapped 360 cameras to the backs of the three Akita dogs, which hail from the country’s cold and mountainous regions.

The company can’t seem to decide between Dog View or Pup View as the name of their adorable mapping innovation — a whiteboarding session I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for. Why not Akit(a) View?

Ako, Asuka and Puuko trekked around town with an off-the-shelf camera attached to a harness, capturing the scenery and many dog-friendly spots, including the Akita Dog Museum and a statue of Hachiko, “a dog-turned-legend who dutifully went to Tokyo’s Shibuya station every day to meet his owner, years after the owner passed away,” according to Google.

While the company usually goes out of its way to hide to make the documents invisible, the doggos shots were, naturally, dirty ones, capturing their puffy teddy ears in the frame — a happy reminder of the very good work of three of man’s best friends.

You can get the whole of the dog’s-eye-view over here.