Split raises $17M for its product experimentation platform

Split announced this morning that it’s raised $17 million in Series B funding.

The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from Accel Partners and new investor Harmony Partners. Split has now raised a total of $26.8 million.

The startup allows companies to test out new features and deliver them in a targeted way to select groups of users. Co-founder and CEO Adil Aijaz said the key components of the platform include tools for targeting users and tracking their activity within the product, plus a statistical engine to help businesses understand how feature changes are actually affecting that activity.

While this might sound like just another A/B testing tool, Aijaz argued that it’s very different, because it’s used by the product and engineering team (rather than marketers), and it involves core product features (rather than relatively superficial changes to a website’s appearance and messaging).

Optimizely, which has its roots in A/B testing, also describes itself as an experimentation platform,┬ábut in Aijaz’s view, this is just “great validation.”

“In the long run, will these terms become synonymous? I believe so,” he said. “But I believe a single solution that serves the needs of the needs of entire team is still pretty far off in the future.”

And Split has already signed up customers including Salesforce, Vevo and Twilio.