Apple Music is expanding student memberships to 82 new markets

Apple Music is expanding its subscription music service to 82 new markets — or nearly all of the countries where the service is available, according to people with knowledge of the company’s plans.

79 markets launched today and an additional three markets will go live February 26. Some countries where students memberships — verified by UNiDAYS — are now available include Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal and Taiwan, the person said.


It’s been roughly two years since Apple first launched its student discount for its subscription Apple Music service.

At the time, the half-off offer for the monthly subscription was available for students in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Like the initial offer, the sale price for students is available for up to four-years after an initial sign-up and those years have to be continuous. Students who are enrolled in Masters programs are also eligible for the discount.

Earlier this month The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple’s streaming service was on a pace to overtake Spotify in U.S. paid subscribers.

People with knowledge of both companies’ subscription rates said that Apple was growing its subscriptions at 5% per year in the U.S. versus Spotify’s 2% subscription rate.

While Apple may be approaching Spotify in its home market, the nordic company maintains a strong global lead over other music streaming services, with twice as many global subscribers as Apple.

Competitive pricing has been a big part of Apple’s gains in the music business. The individual plan is priced at $9.99 but Apple’s family plan — which permitted up to 6 people to stream — for $14.99 was a better bargain than Spotify’s which only let two people stream music on a group account.

And student discounts are a tactic that Apple has long-employed to woo new customers into the fold. The company’s hardware discounts have always been popular among the student set — and discounts on the software product internationally could further boost subscriber numbers.