Here’s what it was like to be there when SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy


SpaceX made history earlier this week with its Falcon Heavy launch: The Falcon Heavy is now the largest active rocket in terms of cargo capacity, and is able to propel over 140,000 lbs of cargo to lower Earth orbit, or smaller loads all the way to Mars and beyond.

The launch was incredible to witness live, and watching the feed is cool enough, but we were actually there on site as it took to space, so we wanted to share what that’s like. Myself and TC writer Devin Coldewey reflected on covering the launch with our video producer Veanne Cao the day after the mission while visiting Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (which is also a great time, by the way). Who knows: Next time Falcon Heavy takes off, sometime around June and this time for paying customers, maybe you’ll want to make the trip to Florida’s Space Coast, too.