I, for one, welcome our robotic waffle-stacking overlords

As a fan of both waffles and robots I present to you the FANUC food and beverage manipulation robot, waffle edition. The robot, as you see below, sorts the waffles by color, stacks them, and then another robot grabs them and puts them into a box. And these bad boys can do some heavy lifting. From the site:

We have the largest o­ffering of standard and collaborative robot models with payload capabilities from 0.5 – 2,300 kg. In addition, we provide application software for packaging and palletizing, integrated iRVision® and tracking features, ROBOGUIDE simulation, and Dual Check Safety (DCS) to support all your automation needs.


If this video of the waffle stacking isn’t sufficient Spectrum presents the following ABB video that involves some very exciting pancake pickup techniques. It’s a great example of what happens when innovation comes to a traditionally artisanal space and should give anyone who is getting a Master’s in Pancake Sorting at Vassar pause.