Aptiv and Lyft’s Vegas self-driving pilot to expand beyond CES

Self-driving technology provider Aptiv and ride-hailing company Lyft ran a pilot program of self-driving, on-demand ride hailing during CES in Las Vegas this year, offering transit between 20 different locations in the city including major hotels and casinos.

Now, both are announcing that they’re definitely extending the project beyond the timeframe of CES in Las Vegas, and that they’re already in talks to expand a second pilot to another market located elsewhere in the U.S. The companies aren’t talking more about that just yet, but it’s clear they were encouraged by the Vegas pilot’s early success during the show.

Over the course of CES, Aptiv and Lyft managed to provide over 400 rides to the public, across five days. 99 percent of miles driven during the program were done in fully autonomous mode, per Aptiv, and the rides received a combined rating of 4.997 from passengers, which is likely quite a bit better than your average human staring out on the Lyft platform.

We took a ride the Aptiv/Lyft car at CES ourselves, and you can check out the results below.