Here’s an easy trick to get an extra life on HQ Trivia without a referral

Want an extra life on HQ but hate shilling out your referral code? Try this trick.

Open HQ to the main page (where it shows the next game time and your balance) and swipe up really fast with two fingers over and over again. Do this and you should get an extra life.

Yeah, it’s that easy.

I just tried it and it worked perfectly, although one friend who already had an extra life said it didn’t work for them – so it may only work if you currently have no extra lives, but that’s not confirmed.

You may also have to be running the latest version of the app, so try updating if it doesn’t work.

The trick was first discovered a couple of days ago by Mashable, and is a great holiday present for any HQtie.

In other HQ news, their Android beta launched today in Canada, just a day after the startup confirmed it should be available for all Android users before the end of the year.