offers a simple way to let your blog and newsletter readers subscribe via Facebook Messenger

If you publish a newsletter or blog, you’ll know that it’s a continuous battle to vie for readers’ attention. Even for subscribers, open rates for email are shockingly low, and RSS never did quite go mainstream. Meanwhile, delivering content via Facebook Pages has become more of a crapshoot than ever.

Enter:, a new service that makes it easy to give readers (or listeners and viewers) the option to subscribe to your content — newsletter, blog, podcast or YouTube channel — via Facebook Messenger. Because, as we end 2017, messaging apps is where a significant proportion of your audience is at. Or so the thinking goes.

Built by the same startup behind Hooks (the app that lets you get a push notification for just about anything), launched in stealth mode about three months ago, but is now outing its wares more publicly after becoming a ‘Certified Partner’ of marketing platform HubSpot.

“We found that it is really hard to deliver our content, even to people who have opt-in to it, and we have a lot of friends in the industry saying the same even for their personal newsletters, podcasts, etc.,” says co-founder Oleg Kozynenko.

“Meanwhile, it turns out that Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps are an amazing channel for content delivery, with great CTR (our users get around 75-80 percent) and massive adoption”.

An example of a landing page

However, because Messenger is a relatively new publishing channel, Kozynenko argues that there aren’t tools that fit the workflow of marketers and creators. “Existing players like ChatFuel or ManyChat focus on the bot experience, leaving content creators behind,” he says. “That’s where Revoice comes in, to make the process easy. With our automation tool you just tell us what content you have or where to get it, and we will make it look good on messaging apps”.

To add Facebook Messenger subscription as an option for your newsletter, blog, podcast or YouTube channel, you will first need a Facebook Page for your brand. Then it’s just a case of signing up to Revoice — which has free and paid plans, depending on if you require CRM integration and additional pro features — and linking it to your Facebook Page account.

After doing so, you point Revoice to your content sources, such as your email newsletter, and the service takes care of the rest, automatically pushing new content to Messenger. You’re given a ‘subscribe to Messenger’ widget to post to your blog and your own ‘subscribe to Messenger’ landing page (you can view mine here). Revoice also has similar support for Chrome, Slack and Telegram, too.

“Revoice is free to use with our signature. No limits on messages or subscribers. We charge $29 [per month] for integrations with CRMs and for removing our brand mentions,” adds Kozynenko.