Amazon Echo’s multi-room music streaming feature now supports Spotify and SiriusXM

Just in time for all of those ridiculous holiday playlists, Amazon’s added two key players to the Echo’s multi-room streaming feature. Spotify and SiriusXM now join the ranks of TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora and, naturally, Amazon’s own Music Unlimited service.

The feature, which hit the smart speakers over the summer, makes it possible to stream songs to multiple Echos on a single network. It’s also possible to play music on individual devices in various parts of one’s home, by telling Alexa to “play my music” and then specifying the a location. So, you know, like, “Alexa, play The Kinks on upstairs from Spotify.”  

As we noted back in August, the feature is a sort of cheaper alternative to traditional premium multi-room music options like Sonos. Of course, since then, Sonos has also gotten into the Alexa business. So, the lines of blurring, I guess. Of course, the new Echos also sport better built in sound, along with audio out, so you can cobble together a pretty okay multi-room system on the cheap.

Spotify functionality is coming to a bunch of countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada and Ireland. SiriusXM satellite radio, on the other hand, is only currently available in the States.