Google is working on a fix for a bug that’s causing Home Minis to crash at high volume

It’s been a bugged-filled couple of months for Google’s hardware team. The list of issues hitting devices announced at the company’s Pixel 2 event in October just grew by another, as users have begun reporting Home Mini crashes when the smart speaker is played at maximum volume. Slashgear spotted a growing chorus of complaints on Google’s message board this week, and we’ve since confirmed the issue with the company.

The problem doesn’t appear to be a universal one — we tested it on a Home Mini device and didn’t crash our unit. But the issue is widespread enough that the company has begun soliciting crash reports from users through the Google Home app. The company also told TechCrunch that it’s working on a fix for the problem.

For some, the problem only appears to be occurring with a select set of songs for some. “Royals” by Lorde is one that gets named checked quite a bit, causing the system to shut down and reboot. The easy fix for the moment is to just keep the volume down — the Echo Dot competitor, which is priced at $30 for the moment, is probably not the best way to listen to your music at top volume anyway.

But the bug marks the latest in a long line of issues that have plagued Google’s hardware of late. The Pixel 2 has been the subject of number of complaints from display problems to audio recording quality, while many (us included) have found the Pixel Buds’ pairing issues to be shaky. The Home  Mini itself came under fire before launch, when a unit was found to be persistently recording a user without permission, causing the company to disable an on-board feature.