Shopify’s new Arrive app is your package tracking pal

I’m not sure the team at Shopify’s experimental Garage product development group knows this, but their latest app is basically made for me: It’s a package tracking tool called Arrive that consolidates all your consumer shopping shipments in one place and makes it easy to get updates on your status, and deal with customer service if you need to.

The Arrive app’s basic premise might be familiar if you’re already a fan of consolidating shipping info for your online purchases. I use Deliveries, for instance, the package tracking app by Junecloud that works with a companion desktop app for macOS and syncs your delivery status via iCloud. There are plenty of other options out there, too, for iOS and Android.

Arrive offers some features it hopes will help it make your go-to when it comes to purchase tracking, including email account integration so that it can automatically add your shipments to its list of tracked items. It also provides rich notifications, which give you insight into your shipment’s progress at every step of its journey so you basically don’t even have to open the app to use it.

You’d be missing out if you never did open the app, however, since it’s a beautiful looking product with a smart, intuitive and elegant design. Plus, Arrive automatically adds direct contact options for both the retailer and the shipper for your package, making it easy to get in touch in case you have any issues or want to set up a return.

Arrive is retailer-agnostic, so it’s not like it’s limited to purchase you make at retailers using Shopify’s commerce platform. And it has map-based location tracking, too for seeing where your stuff is when it’s on its way to you.

As of right now, Arrive is on iOS only, and also works with Gmail exclusively at launch. The team is working on broadening support to additional email providers in future, however.