Mobile application testing service HeadSpin launches from stealth

HeadSpin, a mobile application testing service, launched today to give developers a one-stop shop for quality assurance and control for mobile application development.

The company’s co-founder and chief executive, Manish Lachwani, knows the mobile appspace better than almost anyone. The former co-founder and chief technology officer of Appurify (which Google bought), Lachwani previously served as the CTO of game developer Zynga and was a principal architect of the Amazon Kindle — developing the first Kindle OS.

At Appurify, Lachwani was one of the first to use hosted software to test automation with real devices, and the company’s subsequent acquisition by Google helped pave the way for in-house testing services that enabled Google developers to move faster and break fewer things, the company said.

““No one was enabling developers with automated real world testing, pre-release. All the attention was on post-launch monitoring and testing. In addition, testing and performance management solutions provided developers no visibility into the complex user experiences around the world,” Lachwani said. “As a result, developers were not getting ahead of performance or user experience issues.”

HeadSpin is already being used by companies like Tinder, DocuSign, Akamai, Telstra, and Dell. The company’s software provides monitoring of application development before and after an application’s release, the company said.

The company monitors code on devices in real networks; it doesn’t use an SDK so there’s no expansion of an application’s code base.

“Unlike other solutions, HeadSpin’s data driven platform is able to proactively uncover ‘hidden insights’ through learning. This helps us fix our app issues before launch and have something reliable and repeatable to test or measure,” said Maria Zhang, CTO at Tinder, in a statement.