Grindr updates its app to be more inclusive of transgender and non-binary users

Grindr is updating its popular queer dating app to be more inclusive of transgender and non-binary users. In an announcement timed to mark the end of Transgender Awareness Week, Grindr said changes will include new profile fields for gender identity and the use of gender-neutral language throughout its app and website.

While planning the updates, Grindr surveyed transgender users and consulted with the National Center for Transgender Equality, an advocacy group. The app currently claims three million daily active users, which it says makes it the most popular mobile queer social network.

Grindr’s new identity section lets users fill out their own gender identity or pick from a list that includes “trans man,” “woman,” “cis man,” “non-binary,” “non-conforming” and “queer.” Users can also select or write in what pronouns they prefer to use.

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The company also published a FAQ with information about gender identity and advice on how to interact respectfully with transgender and non-binary people.

In a statement, director of Grindr for Equality Jack Harrison-Quintana said the FAQ was written after the company got feedback from users who were tired of constantly fielding questions on the app.

“One thing we heard over and over again from trans people using Grindr was that they felt unwelcome as other users would often only want to ask them about what it means to be trans or approached without knowing how to speak respectfully about trans issues,” said Harrison-Quintana. “That’s why we created written resources linked from the gender identity fields in the profile to answer users’ questions and decrease that burden on trans people.”