Lyft acquihires the Kamcord team for engineering talent

Ride hailing provider Lyft has brought in 12 members of the Kamcord team, essentially acquiring its engineering talent, though not any of the broadcast live streaming app’s technologies. The goal of the acquihire is to help build out its transportation service, the Kamcord team said in a Medium post announcing the news.

Kamcord had been focused on delivering mobile game streaming, and then later broadened its focus to streaming from any mobile app, and raised $10 million in Series C funding just last year, with a total of over $35 million raised since its founding in 2012. Lyft and Kamcord aren’t revealing the terms of the deal.

Kamcord co-founder Kevin Wang will be focused on the passenger pickup aspect of Lyft’s product, while co-founder Aditya Rathnam will be working on driver side products.