Apple is giving away free Postmates Unlimited subscriptions

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If you use Apple Pay to sign up for Postmates Unlimited, you’ll be able to get free deliveries on orders over $20 and no peak hour price surging for the next 45 days, MacRumors first reported.

To qualify for this promotion, you need to sign up by November 23. You can, of course, cancel your subscription at any time.

Postmates first launched Unlimited in March 2016. The idea is that subscribers pay $9.99 a month to get free deliveries on all orders over $20. At the time of launch, the minimum order fee was $30.

In June 2016, Postmates lowered the minimum order fee to $25. Postmates lowered the minimum order value again to $20 in September of this year and expanded Unlimited to all 250,000+ merchants on its platform.