Equity Shot: The Uber-SoftBank deal explained

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Hello and welcome to another Equity Shot, a quick-hit episode of our venture-capital themed podcast. (Equity, released every Friday, focuses on the money behind the headlines.)

This week Katie Roof and I — Alex Wilhelm — sank our teeth into the story that roiled the tech community’s weekend and continued to cause waves today. Yes, the Uber-SoftBank story — which we might want to call the Uber -SoftBank-Dragoneer story now, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. A quick refresher is in order, I think. Without further ado:

And, it was that deal that seemed to be underway this weekend. Until, of course, SoftBank decided that it might not be fully committed. Or perhaps that’s just a head-fake.

Ah, boom times. What a joy you are. Hit play and let’s unspool this particular thread together.

Equity will be back on Friday as normal.