New Samsung ad attacks Apple for 10 years of inferior iPhones

It’s been some time since Samsung mocked Apple with videos on the inferiority of the iPhone  — the exploding Note 7 set that argument back a fair amount — but the Korean firm has removed the gloves again with a new video released right after last week’s iPhone X launch.

The gist of it is a common argument laid out by Android fans: that Apple adopts every feature long after Samsung. Whether that is waterproofing, camera quality, wireless charging, larger screen, etc.

Now with the iPhone X that lag, Samsung argues, is ten years long.

In this latest tit-for-that, our protagonist grows up from buying the first iPhone in 2007, to waiting in queues, ‘suffering’ with the dongle for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7, and more before finally switching to Samsung in a happy-ever-after ending.

Your take on the 60 seconds below is likely to be down to whichever mobile tribe you identify with, but it is definitely one of Samsung’s best jabs at Apple to date.

Hat tip The Verge