DoubleDutch CEO Bryan Parker is out after a couple of months

Live engagement marketing platform DoubleDutch has replaced CEO Bryan Parker, who was appointed from COO to CEO just two months ago, TechCrunch has learned. Lawrence Coburn, founder of DoubleDutch, has since been reinstated as CEO.

DoubleDutch’s board made the decision to replace Parker with Coburn today, according to a source familiar with the situation. Parker first joined the company earlier this year in June. DoubleDutch has confirmed to TechCrunch that Parker is no longer in charge, but will remain employed at the company.

“Bryan Parker remains actively involved with the company in a senior capacity and will work with DoubleDutch, its board and its leadership team on its strategic growth plan going forward,” a DoubleDutch spokesperson said in a statement. “Lawrence Coburn, the founder and original CEO of the company, is resuming his role as CEO. We look forward to Bryan continuing to make important contributions to the future success of the company.”

What’s not completely clear is the rationale behind the decision, but in a follow-up text message specifically asking why Parker would no longer be CEO, Colburn said, “we’re a startup… always looking to put people in the best spots to be successful.”

This year has been full of ups and downs for DoubleDutch. In January, the company laid off 40 percent of its staff, including the CFO, CCO and VP of Customer Success. But then in September, the company acquired Eventgrid and, at the same time, announced Parker would be promoted to CEO. That, of course, was very short-lived.

DoubleDutch, which launched in 2011, has raised more than $78 million in venture capital from investors like Bessemer Ventures, Index Ventures and others.

Update 11/3/17 6:04 PM PT: DoubleDutch has sent over an unsolicited additional statement:

“We highly respect Mr. Parker’s abilities and talents, as was evidenced by our hiring and promoting him as COO and CEO. During his time with the Company, Mr. Parker has been an effective leader and has made important and lasting contributions,” a DoubleDutch spokesperson said. “Earlier this week, the Company determined that, given the strategic priorities of the Company at this time, Lawrence is best positioned to serve as our chief executive officer, so we transitioned the role to him. We expect that Mr. Parker will continue to provide valuable guidance and advice to the Board and the Company in a senior capacity going forward. DoubleDutch is excited to continue to grow our market leadership position in event marketing. We know our team and our products will fuel our success in the years to come.”

I’ve been in touch with members of the board and will update this story as I get more information.

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