Tuurnt lets people pay you to party

Do you like to party? Do you like money? Friend, have I got a startup for you.

Tuurnt is based on the concept of rent parties, parties folks used to hold to pay rent at the end of the month. The idea is simple: plan the party, announce a cost and let your friends chip in. Then you can, in the parlance, get tuurnt.

Founded by Fabrice Mishiki, the app is already popular on college campuses. Mishiki has raised $150,000 so far to beta the product.

Mishiki has started running a grassroots marketing strategy that essentially gets college students to talk up Tuurnt on campus. Students can grab up to $1,000 or so per party, so it makes sense for clubs, frats and other groups.

The company is already being used to host wine tastings and dinners, and other students are using it to raise money and pay rent.

“I invented Tuurnt when I was in Toronto for the Caribbean festival a few years ago and we went to the club with my friend,” said Mishiki. “I wanted to go to an after party but I just realized at that moment that there was no app that could find me something to do outside of the traditional Foursquare or Eventbrite world.”