Bespoke Post raises $8M to deliver a monthly ‘box of awesome’ for men

Thanks to the Internet, you can order regular deliveries of everything from clothing to razors to geeky memorabilia. With Bespoke Post, you’re not just limited to one type of product — it ships a “box of awesome” that could be focused on style, travel, alcohol or something else entirely.

Co-founder and CEO Rishi Prabhu explained that the goal is to curate “the best products for the modern man.” And Bespoke Post’s selections usually come from artisanal brands — the kind of thing you wouldn’t find on most store shelves, or even on Amazon.

Not that the startup is throwing a grab bag of products together and shipping it out to all its members. Instead, Prabhu said his team creates between 10 and 20 boxes each month, then recommends different boxes to different members based on their interests. For example, the current lineup includes a box of cocktail making supplies, a box of socks and more.

Bespoke Post members get a new box suggestion every month, but there’s no obligation to buy anything. And while the boxes cost $45, Prabhu said the products inside always have a retail value “north of $70.”

The startup is announcing that it has raised a $8 million in funding, most recently in a $6 million Series A. Investors include Walden Venture Capital, Scout Ventures and Kiwi Venture Partners.

Bespoke Post actually launched back in 2012, but Prabhu said the company was “really lean” and “slightly under the radar,” so it was able to grow to a team of nearly 40 people, with more than 100,000 subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, before raising a Series A.

Prabhu also mentioned that 93 percent of those subscribers are men — women are welcome to subscribe, but he sees that number as a good sign.

“We’ve somehow figured out that key male demographic,” he said.

Next up: More hiring, more products and more partnerships.