DxO One camera for Android on the way, new accessories debut

The best compact camera smartphone attachment you can buy is getting an Android version, and a heap of updates for the existing iPhone model that make it even better (and it’s already excellent). The DxO One, DxO’s first camera hardware, gets a free software update this morning that adds Facebook Live multi-camera streaming, time-lapse and more, and customers can sign up to find out more about DxO One for Android, with more details to be released on November 2.

The DxO One, originally released in June, 2015, is a digital camera with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor, similar to that found in the Sony RX100. But it’s even more pocketable than that pocket camera, because it does away with the colour LCD display, peering instead a simple onboard mono OLED screen – and plugging into an iPhone via the integrated Lightning connector when you want a real viewfinder.

Basically, the DxO One combines the best of the top-end pocket camera world with the maxim that the best camera is the one you have with you, and it does it in a neat little package that works with a range of accessories including an underwater housing that make it a formidable go-anywhere shooter.

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Now, it gets a little more go-anywhere, with new accessories including an external battery pack that doesn’t add that much additional size, and that offers double the battery life of the camera itself, available for $59.99. Plus, there’s a new Cable Back Door accessory for the existing waterproof housing that lets you keep it plugged into power while shooting outside in the elements, or even while working underwater. It’s being bundled with the Outdoor Shell as a free accessory.

As mentioned, there’s also a 3.0 software update, that allows Facebook Live streaming and multi-camera streaming using both the DxO One and the iPhone’s built-in cameras for multi-angle shots from a single device. Plus, it gains a new time-lapse feature that guides the user through the process and employs tech called “Auto Ramping” to avoid flicker effects.

Another new accessory is a new tilt stand that allows the DxO One to be mounted with different view angles when used hands-free. This actually ships in the box with the DxO One going forward for free, too.

Finally, DxO will be releasing an Android version of the One, equipped with a USB-C connector so that it’ll be compatible with most modern Android smartphones. The device will be open to “Early Access” users, a program available to all, staring in the coming weeks, with a companion version 1.0 DxO One mobile app. DxO plans to use the “early access” stage to refine the experience prior to a general release.