The internet of smoothies has arrived

I try not to quote directly from press releases as a rule, but sometimes a line like, “NutriBullet has taken the art of smoothie making to the next level” jumps out and you can’t really avoid it. For those who’ve been waiting for years to figure out precisely what the future of smoothie making looks like, the answer should be pretty clear: the Internet of Smoothies. The dawn of the connected smoothie is upon us, and you can either join up or face nutritional obsolescence.

NutriBullet just unveiled a connected, iOS/Android connected blender. It’s got Bluetooth built-in, so it can beam information directly to a mobile device. Is this the most ridiculous smart device, ever? Not hardly (that’s an insanely high bar), but it’s still pretty silly and completely unnecessary — and yet I’m weirdly compelled to try it.

The single serving blender has a sensor built in that detects food as you’re adding it, so you don’t overdo it with a given ingredient or create a calorie bomb — something that’s pretty actually pretty common when people are dumping stuff into a blender. If Jamba Juice has taught us anything, it’s that just because something is green and ground down into a liquid state, doesn’t mean it’s “healthy” per se.

The NutriBullet Balance is up for pre-order and will start hitting retailers around the holiday, priced at $180. That’s more than double what most of the company’s products are currently going for on Amazon, so keep that in mind. Also, I bought a blender for $30 on Amazon a while back and it’s dutifully made spinach and kale based drinks for me every morning since.

It’s not smart, sure, but my point is you can get a good blender for cheap. Of course, that requires you to input all of that information on your phone manually, and who has the time for that. We’re all busy people who barely have time to chew our greens.