Kiip expands its mobile rewards platform to Amazon’s Fire TV

Mobile rewards startup Kiip isn’t limited to mobile devices anymore.

The company is launching its first integration on Amazon’s Fire TV. Co-founder and CEO Brian Wong said Kiip was actually approached by its launch partner, the developer of the trivia game QuizTix, which asked if Kiip could build an ad and reward experience for smart TVs.

And that’s what Wong’s team has done. He told me the experience will be similar to mobile, where Kiip looks for the right moments to deliver relevant promotions.

Kiip can now integrate with any Fire TV app. And while the launch partner is a mobile game, Wong said the platform works with other types of apps too — so if it’s a streaming video app, Kiip can offer viewers a reward after watching three episodes in a row.

Though to be clear, Wong isn’t expecting the big streaming players to be asking Kiip for help.

“The really big guys like HBO, Time Warner, ESPN, they’re going to be very focused on their own monetization mechanisms,” Wong said. “We’re going to be playing the same game that we played getting into iOS and Android — focusing on independent developers with large user bases.”

Wong added that after taking this first step, he’s open to integrating with other smart TV platforms, as well.

Kiip has also made some hires recently, bringing on Manicka Babu as CTO and Adam Broitman as chief strategy officer.