CrunchMatch takes the guesswork out of founder-investor networking at Disrupt Berlin

Whether you’re a founder on a fundraising mission or an investor searching for the perfect addition to your portfolio, you want to make the most of your limited time at Disrupt Berlin. But with thousands of attendees, how do you cut through the noise to make the right connections with the right people? It’s CrunchMatch to the rescue.

What is CrunchMatch? Imagine a personalized dating service — only for business. It’s a free service that connects founders and investors based on their specific criteria, goals and interests. That pre-screening eliminates the guesswork and gives founders and investors a more efficient, productive way to find each other.

Here’s how CrunchMatch works. Investors and founders who sign up to attend Disrupt Berlin will receive an invitation to register for CrunchMatch (courtesy of our partner Brella) and create their detailed profiles. Founders provide info about their startup — such as category, stage, location and funding status — while investor profiles include things like investment categories, preferred funding stage and geographic preferences.

That’s when Brella’s algorithm kicks into high gear and — faster than you can say “artificial intelligence” — it matches the appropriate investors with suitable founders. It then recommends meetings and sends invitations to the like-minded parties, which they can easily decline or accept and schedule. CrunchMatch’s white-glove service also makes it super easy to reserve a get-together spot in Disrupt Berlin’s CrunchMatch lounge.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that founders will walk away with funding, or that investors will find the next unicorn. But for Alice Cheng, the founder of TaxDrop, the benefits of her CrunchMatch experience extended beyond the financial:

“I spoke with a series of investors that I probably would have never met if not for CrunchMatch and received advice that our company still incorporates today.”

And for Michael Kocan, managing partner of Trend Discovery Capital Management, his CrunchMatch experience was all about making the most efficient use of his time. “I get the most value from Disrupt at CrunchMatch. At Disrupt NY, I had over 35 meetings with startups that I pre-vetted using CrunchMatch and made a significant investment in one.”

Not to blow our own horn too loudly, but looking at the growth in CrunchMatch participants over the past year, we must be doing something right. During Disrupt NY last May, we had 448 investor/founder meetings — a five-fold increase over the previous year. And CrunchMatch at last month’s Disrupt SF resulted in more than 1,300 meetings.

Although we don’t have any hard numbers (yet) on CrunchMatch-brokered deals, according to our post-CrunchMatch survey, 97 percent of both investors and founders say they’ll use the service again.

Hundreds of great companies and investors will attend Disrupt Berlin, and CrunchMatch is the tool to help you prospect and network more efficiently. Opportunity awaits, so register for Disrupt Berlin today, and get your invitation to CrunchMatch.