Stardew Valley lands on Nintendo Switch on October 5

The games library for the Nintendo Switch is already great, but it keeps getting better: Farming simulator Stardew Valley is coming to the hybrid portable console on October 5, which is just a couple of short days away. The indie title received accolades when it debuted on the PC, and now it’s going to be a portable title available for just $14.99, which sounds like a pretty great deal.

Fans of games like Harvest Moon, the classic franchise which had quite a few portable Nintendo iterations, will definitely be happy to pick this up. It seems like an ideal fit for the Switch, too, as an idle way to spend time on your commute and on airplanes, for instance.

Stardew developer Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe) also seems very pleased with the Nintendo console debut, since he says he “grew up on Nintendo.”

I’ve been playing the heck out of Golf Story on the Switch, but there’s more than enough room in my lineup for Stardew Valley, another top-down retro graphics game with strong RPG elements. It’s amazing how quickly Switch has managed to build a library that seems laser focused on hits, all across the board.