Boundless helps you navigate the US immigration labyrinth for your partner

Boundless is a Seattle based startup addressing the enormous issue of applying for immigrant status in the US.

Founder Xiao Wang came to the US over when he was young from China. “My family spent five months of rent money on immigration lawyers because we just didn’t know how to do it and didn’t know any better. And this is an experience that’s repeated by millions of families all around the world. And what I realized is that it doesn’t have to be that way,” he says.

Instead, you can actually take all of the knowledge that was previously trapped in the minds of the government and immigration lawyers and make it accessible to everybody. The online platform helps people actually navigate their immigration journey with confidence. The early results have been very encouraging,” says Wang.

Today the company is launching ‘marriage-based green cards’. So if you are a US citizen or a green card holder and you fall in love with someone who’s not, the company will help you get your partner either into the country or keep them in the country.

So how does it work? The web site translates complex government forms into questions that people can understand and answer easily. The site then adapts everything according to what people say and knows exactly which forms they need to complete, in a highly customised fashion. This is all done for a flat fee, less than a lawyer would charge.

The customer then gets a chance to review the application with an independent immigration lawyer who looks at the whole package and makes sure that everything is done the right way. The site then produces and assembles the entire package according to the US government’s specifications.

So far the company has raised a seed round in April that was led by Trilogy Equity Partners and a number of others.

It’s likely that the Trump administration, instead of discouraging such a service will, in fact, make it more valuable than ever. There’s also a network effect of immigrants bringing relatives and others over via similar means to their own, which should refresh the customer pool.