Video advertising took a big leap in Q2, according to Smaato

Video was the fastest-growing ad format in recent months, according to a new report from mobile ad company Smaato.

Smaato says it examined the more than 1.5 trillion ad impressions that it served in the second quarter of 2017 and found that video ad spending was up 142 percent from Q1. And that’s after Q1 represented a 14 percent increase from the final quarter of last year. (Q4 tends to be the biggest period for ad spending.)

Native advertising, meanwhile, grew 50 percent quarter-over-quarter.

The most popular ad format for video was full-screen interstitials, Smaato says. The report also takes a closer look at rewarded video formats (where you watch an ad for in-game or in-app rewards), where impressions grew 96 percent and ad spending increased by 153 percent.

Looking beyond video, the report says Android accounted for 57 percent of spending through the Smaato platform, but iPhone owners generated nearly twice as much revenue per user for publishers. And across platforms, in-app ads represented 94 percent of total spending, a new record.

Smaato report