Zoe Quinn talks about online abuse and her new book, Crash Override

Zoe Quinn went to the heart of Gamergate and has come back with a new book, Crash Override, a meditation on online communities and making the Internet safer. Quinn spoke with me for a few minutes about her new book and how we can help prevent kids from going down the Gamergate path.

Her ultimate solution? Talking to people who harass her. By putting a voice to the name she was able to defuse hate by simply responding like a human. When people would dox and call her – before she had to go into hiding because of death threats – she’d answer the phone and simply speak to those who figured it would be fun to call her at home.

She also talks about building communities, improving inclusiveness, and making sure folks who love gaming don’t have to go through what she went through. You can take a look at her work at her new Crash Override Network.

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