Honda’s picture-perfect Urban EV concept car aims for 2019 production

This new concept from Honda, the Urban EV, looks like something most automakers would show off as a distant vision of what cars might look like in five or ten years’ time. Honda, however, says it’s targeting a launch of the vehicle in European markets by 2019 – just two years from now.

The EV Concept has a look seemingly inspired by hatchbacks from the 70s or 80s, including some of Honda’s own early Civic models. The car is far from retro in other regards, however, including the displays front and back of the vehicle which show charging percentage and rates, as well as brand badging and other information, like greetings, “advice for other drivers on the roads” and more.


Honda’s EV Concept also has an expansive touchscreen display which spans nearly the entire interior dashboard, offering a view Honda describes as “panoramic.” The screen even extends into the doors, and those display feeds from the car’s two wing mirror cameras for checking the space around the vehicle.

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It’s a compact in terms of exterior dimensions, and a two-door, but there are four seats within, both bench style. The vehicle is designed for maximum interior spaces given its small stature, however.

Onboard intelligence is provided via Honda’s Automated Network Assistant, which is designed to learn about a driver over time and then adapt that information in order to help provide info like routing recommendations or other tips intended to be customized to a driver’s personal preferences.

This is a very cool car, and one that I’d love to see offered beyond European borders. Honda’s also basing it on an entirely new, electric-specific platform, which is intended to help guide their EV strategy going forward.