The Instagif is a camera that ‘prints’ animated GIFs

Have you ever wanted to print an animated image? Well now you (almost) can. A maker named Abhishek Singh has created an instant camera that outputs a little box that contains a Raspberry Pi connected to a PiTFT screen. When you take a picture the camera transmits a short video to the screen which then plays it over and over again until you take another picture. The entire project is hand-designed and 3D printed and it’s a clever little hack that you can even build yourself.

Singh made a how-to for folks wishing to follow in his hacking footsteps. This isn’t even Singh’s first GIF project. His robot, called Peeqo, also responded entirely in GIFs, along with standard Alexa conversations. Singh was part of NYU’s ITP program and this project came about thanks to his love of “building things, animated movies, and GIFs.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could 3D print a camera that printed out a flip book? Maybe that could be Singh’s next project.