Want to drive Elon Musk’s tunnel boring machine? Sell some Teslas

Tesla’s referral program is a key ingredient to its brand success – it rewards owners for recruiting new buyers, with benefits like invitations to special events, including the recent Model 3 employee handover. Now, a new Level 2 bonus for people who recruit the most has been discovered by Teslarati: A chance to drive a Boring Company tunnel borer.

This is unlikely to be the thrill ride that you get from driving a P100D in Ludicrous Mode, for instance; Boring machines tend to crawl at very slow speeds, since they’re digging through pounds of dense material and also need to help make sure cave-ins don’t happen.

This reward comes with the promise of driving an electric tunnel boring matching at The Boring Company in Hawthorne, where SpaceX is, too. The Boring Co. has already begun work on its first tunnel, and even installed an elevator designed to lower cargo into its depths.

Again, this Boring Co. drive will probably actually be “boring,” and I’m not just saying that for the pun. But it’s still an undeniably cool opportunity, and a good carrot for the referral program.