Danny Glover (yes, *that* Danny Glover) is now advising Airbnb

Actor Danny Glover, known for his roles in ‘Lethal Weapon,’ and, my personal favorite, ‘Angels in the Outfield,’ is working with Airbnb in an advisory role to help engage communities of color.

“I know Airbnb has had its own share of challenges in this arena—but working with them, I’ve seen first-hand how committed they are to getting it right,” Glover wrote in an announcement post. “And I have been incredibly heartened to see the resources, desire, and drive they are directing towards ensuring that their service is used fairly and inclusively.”

Glover’s appointment to Airbnb’s advisory team comes shortly after the company partnered with the NAACP to bring economic opportunities to people of color. Through that partnership, which includes a 20 percent revenue-sharing agreement, Airbnb and the NAACP will reach out to communities of color about the economic benefits of sharing their homes on Airbnb.

“Airbnb is excited to welcome Danny Glover to our community as an adviser for our efforts to engage communities of color and ensure they are able to take advantage of the economic opportunity of hosting on our platform,” Airbnb Director of Partnerships Janaye Ingram said in a statement.

As an advisor, Glover will work alongside Airbnb and the NAACP “on the ground doing whatever [he] can to promote these efforts — participating in trainings and events, working with local organizations and faith-based leaders, and getting to know more of the hosts who empower our communities,” Glover wrote.

Airbnb’s foray into doing good in communities of color started last September, when the company outlined a plan to foster diversity and inclusion, and ultimately tackle racism and discrimination on the home-sharing marketplace. That plan was a direct response to a bevy of incidents of racism and discrimination that went down on the site. Part of the plan entailed expanding host opportunities in communities of color. In case you need a refresher of the plan, like I did, I’ve embedded it below.