Google to livestream Android O launch event timed for total solar eclipse

Google is using a astronomical event to debut its newest Android operating system update: Android O is set to arrive on August 21, with a livestreamed unveiling event timed for 2:40 PM ET in NYC – which is roughly when the maximum solar eclipse is set to occur for New York.

Android O will get a full reveal at that time, which seems like kind of a weird time to do it since a lot of people will be watching the NASA eclipse livestream that Google is also promoting, or staring at the sky (with the caveat, hopefully, that they have procured proper glasses for safe viewing).

Google says that Android O will have some “super (sweet) new powers,” most of which we know all about thanks to pre-release builds and the Android O teaser Google provided at its annual I/O developer event this past May. WE know, for instance, that the notification panel has been changed significantly, and there’s new optimization software to improve battery life on all devices.

Also, it looks like it’s all but confirmed that the official consumer name of Android O will be ‘Oreo,’ as has long been speculated. Google always names its Android releases after sweet treats, and O seems like a no-brainer for the iconic cookie. Also, prolific leaker Evan Blass also posted this on Friday following the announcement of the reveal date and event: