Watch the new trailer for The Defenders before it hits Netflix on Friday


If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Netflix television universe, you’ve got to be excited about ‘The Defenders,’ the mini-series arriving on the streaming subscription platform on Friday, August 18. In case you’re not hyped enough, however, Netflix has released one final trailer to whet your appetite.

This trailer is mostly about Sigourney Weaver lecturing heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on why their attempt to band together to oppose her are misguided. She gives some hints about her nefarious plans, and then there’s some punching and other hitting.

It sounds simple, and it really doesn’t give us much more than we already knew about the premise of the series. But it does feel surprisingly epic for a TV show, which has me excited to check out the real thing once it’s available to stream in its entirety. So, mission accomplished for a trailer, then.

We’ll definitely be talking about The Defenders on the next episode of Original Content, our new podcast focused on original streaming programming, so get hyped for that, too.