Swift creator Chris Lattner joins Google Brain after Tesla Autopilot stint

Chris Lattner, one of the key creators behind the Apple programming language Swift, is on the move again. After a short six-month stay at Tesla, which he joined last year from Apple to act as VP of Autopilot Software, Lattner announced on Twitter today that his next stop is Google Brain.

Lattner, who worked for more than a decade on low-level software and systems at Apple, revealed in June that he wasn’t going to be staying on at Tesla after finding that it wasn’t “a good fit.” Lattner then joked that his resume was “easy to find online,” and noted his top qualification: Seven years of Swift experience, which is the longest anyone not on his immediate team at Apple can reasonably claim without outright lying.

Swift isn’t Lattner’s only major contribution to the world of programming: Prior to his helping hand with Apple’s latest coding language, he created the Land compiler and LLVM. In other words, you’d be hard-pressed to find a modern developer whose work hasn’t been touched at a fundamental level by something Lattner has created in the past.

Google Brain is the search giant’s team focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence. It focused on helping to use AI across a range of products, tackling both research and product integration, working together with teams across Alphabet, including at DeepMind. Its ultimate stated motivation is to advance the field with open source projects, academic collaboration and publication.